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Jean-Louis PASTEUR

Jean-Louis Pasteur in 1997 by Eric Grossemy

Jean-Louis Pasteur, born on the 26th of January 1952 in Saint-Mandé, is a French engineer, musician - a performer, composer, musicologist and professor - and sonneteer.

Since 2012, he has been residing close to Eisenach, Johann Sebastian Bach's birthplace*.


  1. Fields of activity
    1. Science and Technology
      1. Industry
      2. Mathematics
      3. Sciences
    2. Musics
      1. Guitar
      2. Gregorian Chant
      3. French Waltzes
      4. Piano and composition
    3. Literature
      1. Classics teaching
      2. Poetry
      3. Literary translation
  2. Publications
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Fields of activity

Science and Technology


A 1975 graduate of the Grande École Sup'Aéro*, Energy and Propulsion option, Jean-Louis Pasteur worked three years, from 1977 to 1979, as an engineer within Framatome S.A. (Paris La Défense)*, for the design of safety systems against accidents in the primary coolant loop of the French nuclear power plants which were then in their design, construction or commissioning stage : Fessenheim Reactors 1 and 2 ; Bugey Reactors 2, 3 and 4 ; Paluel Reactors 1 and 2 ; Tricastin Reactors 1 and 2 ; Tihange Reactors 1 and 2 (Belgium) ; Doel Reactor 3 (Belgium) ; Koeberg (South Africa) ; Darkhovin at the Karun river (Iran).

Jean-Louis Pasteur dancing the waltz in 1981 in the movie "Hotel America" by André Téchiné starring Catherine Deneuve and Patrick Dewaere

Rural cyberpioneer1, he fulfilled during eight years, from 2002 to 2010, from his home in Creuse, the functions of administrative and financial manager of the Depresle Architecture and Urbanism Studio (Paris)*, thus proving that telework is a key to the future of depopulated countryside, even at executive level.

Jean-Louis Pasteur (right) in 1986 in the movie "Association of Wrongdoers"
by Claude Zidi starring Christophe Malavoy and François Cluzet


In mathematics teaching, Jean-Louis Pasteur was a professor at Port-Gentil (Gabon) State High School* through the 1975-1976 school year ; he practised as an examiner in preparatory classes for entrance to scientific and business Grandes Ecoles of Louis-Le-Grand* and Saint-Louis Lycées (Paris) from 1979 to 1981 and as a teaching assistant at Pierre and Marie Curie University (Paris)* in the 1979-1980 school year.


Jean-Louis Pasteur collaborated occasionally in scientific research as a translator*, as an assistant to his father, the biologist Georges Pasteur, on herpetological mission*, as the cartographer for Creuse departement* of the French Society of Orchidophily and as a surveyor to the Regional Office of Archaeology for Limousin*. He publishes intermittently essays on scientific themes through ResearchGate's website*.


Jean-Louis Pasteur in 1986 by François Depresle


A former student of the Castilian master Joaquín ROCA, Jean-Louis Pasteur devoted himself from 1981 till 1988 to classical and flamenco guitar.

From 1981 to 1985, he was the guitar teacher2 of Framatome work council*.

At the same time, he devised a specific system of musical notation for flamenco guitar playing and wrote out a music score anthology, the first one in French language, for this instrument (see below). This work was supported through radio interviews and recordings3/4/5/6/7.

From 1986 to 1988, he performed animations and recitals with two different programmes, "Three guitars for one solo" and "Guitars", alternating three instruments within each show : a classical guitar for the Renaissance and Romantic repertoires, a Flamenco guitar for the Spanish repertoire and a ten-string guitar, including four drones, for the Baroque lute repertoire8/9/10/11/12/13.

A CD giving a glimpse into his classical guitar repertoire was compiled from radio recordings (see below).

Jean-Louis Pasteur in 1995 at Saint-Angel (Corrèze)

Gregorian Chant

As a Gregorian cantor, Jean-Louis Pasteur developed from 1989 to 1993 an original solo a cappella recital of Gregorian chant14/15/16, aiming to recreate the magical merging of this mediaeval monody with the reverberant acoustics of nave vaults. From 1994 to 1996 he performed programmes such as : "Masses of yesteryear" or "Easter time and the Virgin" in Romanesque churches of several French regions17/18/19/20/21/22/23/24/25/26/27/28/29/30/31/32/33 and appeared within the twentieth Spoleto Festival U.S.A. in Charleston (South Carolina)34/35/36/37.

French Waltzes

From 1989 to 1995, Jean-Louis Pasteur explored, in particular in the holdings of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, the répertoire of French Waltzes over one century, from 1830 to 1930 : his research led him to rescue from oblivion some 300 dance music composers and a music score corpus which he estimates at more than 5000 waltzes worth rediscovering.

He gave a first insight into this heritage through two CDs, produced in 1995 and 1996 with then cutting-edge processes of Computer Aided Music, in which he plays twenty-four of those waltzes and two quadrilles (see below). This work was supported through radio broadcasts38/39/40.

Piano and composition

A SACEM member as composer, Jean-Louis Pasteur is the author of Flamenco guitar rhapsodies, of piano pieces published on CD (see below) and of a Pater Noster in melismatic Gregorian chant.


Classics teaching

A state-certified professor of Classics* , Jean-Louis Pasteur belonged during three years, from 1997 to 2000, to the faculty of Clermont-Ferrand educational district.

Jean-Louis Pasteur and his year 11 class at the Lycée Virlogeux in Riom, through the school year 1997-1998

Convinced of the pedagogical virtues of reciting poetry in middle and high school, he carried out creative projects in that direction with his classes (see below).

Jean-Louis Pasteur (top left) chairman
of Aubusson Bridge Club from 2000 to 2003*


A sonneteer (see below), Jean-Louis Pasteur is acutely interested (see below) in the pan-European success of the sonnet, this poetic form which overcame all language and border barriers within the continent several centuries before the Maastricht Treaty.

He regularly publishes videos on Internet video hosting and sharing platforms to promote classical poetry (see below).

Literary translation

Jean-Louis Pasteur, who studied eight foreign languages in his lifetime, has been translating since 2006, from Hungarian into French, short stories by Hungarian writers of the 20th century and publishes henceforth his translations on his open acess website (see below).

The Hungarian Institute of Paris awarded to Jean-Louis Pasteur the First Prize* in its Translation Contest 2019 from Hungarian into French.
The Hungarian channel Duna TV broadcasted a report on this event41.

Jean-Louis Pasteur was honoured again with the First Prize* in the Translation Contest 2021.


  1. December 1985 : Guitare Flamenco42/43 . ISBN : 2-9501167-0-1 . ^
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    Book : a method and anthology using an original sytem of music notation aiming to faithfully translate all specific effects of Flamenco guitar and comprising 20 music scores for solo concert : Siguiriya gitana, Caña, Soleares, Alegría por enmedio, Alegría "La Rosa", Bulería, Tientos gitanos, Tientos y Tanguillos de Cádiz, Zapateado, Fandango de Huelva, Malagueña, Granadinas, Taranta, Petenera, Guajira, Farruca, Sevillanas (8), Zambra mora, Jota aragonesa, Canción de cuna.
    Cover illustration : "El flamenco Paco de Lucena", oil painting on canvas by Joaquín Roca [Carrasco].

    "This method is extraordinary in more ways than one. The author spent four years writing it. That seems a minimum, having regard to the amount of work it entails. Jean-Louis Pasteur wrote first of all, in a perfectly clear and concise manner, an introduction to Flamenco harmony, rhythm and specific technique. Secondly, he developed a notation system. On the basis of his master Joaquín Roca's teaching, he then composed twenty arrangements. And he lastly copied und published all that (179 pages) on his own. But what a result ! now a flamenco method accessible to any trained guitarist, and unveiling all the secrets of this art." 44

    "This collection is based on the teaching of Joaquín Roca, a master with whom the author got trained. This work comprises a substantial introduction to Flamenco art and technique. There follow twenty arrangements of the main "toques" of Flamenco guitar. Far away from any partisan passion, I cannot but commend the work accomplished here, the seriousness of its deepening and the obvious commitment of the author, who is also a performer." 45

    "Nos encontramos ante una antología con cassette de flamenco, a través de 20 arreglos para solo de guitarra, según las enseñanzas de su maestro Joaquín Roca (†1981). Lo original de la presente antología reside precisamente en intentar traducir al pentagrama musical la transmisión exclusivamente oral del flamenco. Las 17 primeras páginas están dedicadas a una iniciación técnica: tonalidad, armonía y ritmo del flamenco. Esta misma novedad puede encontrar vivas polémicas y discutidas opiniones." 46

  2. October 1987 : Guitare Flamenco .
    BL London : UIN BLLSA6385766 . FRBNF Paris : notice n° 38170679 . NLA Canberra : BibID 2107978 .
    BLOU Oxford : ASN 020013007 . UniMelb Melbourne : Rec b1734998-S30 .

    Audiotape ref. JLP 8710 then CD ref. JLP 0202 : 7 rhapsodies from the abovementioned anthology performed by Jean-Louis Pasteur : Soleares, Fandango de Huelva, Granadinas, Taranta, Petenera, Farruca, Zambra mora.
    Album cover illustration : "El flamenco Paco de Lucena", oil painting on canvas by Joaquín Roca [Carrasco].

    "Jean-Louis Pasteur has chosen to live in Creuse. A few months ago he published an outstanding piece of work devoted to Flamenco guitar. He has just given a continuation to this method-anthology by recording an audiocassette of Flamenco guitar, which comprises seven rhapsodies written and performed by himself. He dedicated them to the memory of Joaquín Roca, a Spanish master of whom he was the student. With his cassette, Jean-Louis Pasteur leads us far from Creuse, towards Andalusia. Through his seven compositions (the full scores of which may be found in his book), he demonstrates the diversity, the great wealth and also the musical quality of andalusian gypsies' folklore. One is first seduced by the manufacturing quality of this cassette recorded in Guipavas. It offers us some forty minutes of a music full of emotions, with genuine, riveting tones. Pasteur shows his performing skills. His complete mastery of the instrument, his ability to render guitar nuances, especially in the accents, can be admired. Pasteur makes his instrument sing and highlights its resources. It is true that Pasteur benefits from a beautiful experience : he was trained by Roca and he taught during four years. He is today proposing his recital "Three guitars for one solo" (Renaissance, Flamenco and J.S. Bach music). But, as he shows it with his cassette, he has a very special penchant for Andalusian gypsies' music. He loves this mysterious and bewitching art, which he shares with us in compositions such as "Soleares", "Granadinas", or "Farruca". It's superb. Furthermore, Pasteur succeeded in giving a unity to his cassette, creating an expressive atmosphere which plunges us into a world of emotions and mysteries." 47

  3. February 1991 : Theory and Practice of Flamenco Guitar . ISBN : 2-9501167-1-X .
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    Book : a technical guide to theoretical and practical bases required for playing Flamenco guitar.
    Cover illustrations : Indian ink drawings by Jean-Louis Pasteur.

    "The author, who already signed a Flamenco anthology, approaches this new work as an introduction to the latter. After a short foreword, are displayed to us, often in table form, the tonalities, modes, chords, rhythms and techniques peculiar to this style. I think there is a lot to learn in this book, which presents very clearly the essentials, but why is it written in English ?" 48

    "Cuaderno de nociones teóricas y prácticas para "tocaores" de guitarra. Va dirigido tanto a guitarristas principiantes como a avanzados. Facilita el aprendizaje de los neófitos mediante múltiples escalas, acordes y ritmos. Es continuación de la antología con cassette que publicó hace dos años. Su contenido es: tonos y armonías del flamenco, cuadro de modos, escalas y toques, cadencias, ritmos flamencos, técnica, etc. Todo ello muy condensado." 49

    "Pasteur's "Theory and Practice of Flamenco Guitar" is the most complete analysis in English of this style of music that I have ever seen. In a clear and concise way, it provides an introduction for the intermediate or advanced guitarist to understanding this esoteric, exclusively oral tradition. The well-notated scores in "Guitare Flamenco" provide authentic material for the performer or ethnomusicologist." 50

  4. 1. Method-Anthology

    2. Compact disc

    3. Technical guide

  5. November 1995 : The Golden Century of French Waltzes (1830-1930) / Whirling Feasts (1830-1880)51 . FRBNF : notice n° 38333655 ^

    CD ref. JLP 9511 : 8 waltzes and 2 quadrilles by the composers Édouard Broustet, Cellarius & Laborde, Louis-Antoine Jullien, Gaston de Lille, Olivier Métra, Philippe Musard, Suzanne Pillevesse and Émile Waldteufel, performed on a multitimbral digital piano by Jean-Louis Pasteur.
    Album cover illustration : Watercolour by Chantal Bellon-Humbert.

    "A pianist, guitarist, singer, composer, data processing expert and waltz medallist of the French Dance Federation, Jean-Louis PASTEUR performs all those pieces in the piano version ; he then uses the cutting-edge processes of computer aided music to treat, edit and above all register through a wide range of musical timbres the sound files of those waltzes, which combine in this way the nervousness and rhythm of the keyboard and the colours and suggestiveness of other instrumental and synthetic sonorities ... ending up with a result which matches the endeavour,... rare, precious, delicate, stunning ! An indispensable CD !" 52

  6. October 1996 : The Golden Century of French Waltzes (1830-1930) / Elating Romances (1880-1930)53 . FRBNF : notice n° 38348452

    CD ref. JLP 9610 : 16 waltzes by the composers Jean-Baptiste Arban, Georges Bachmann, Rodolphe Berger, Alexandre Duval, Louis Ganne, Maurice Gracey, Louis Gregh, E. Hudson, Paul Jeanjean, Michel Karren, L.L. Lynde, Alfred Margis, Youssef-Khan Nazare-Aga, Marie-Héloïse de Pierpont, Francis Popy and Ciro Urbini, performed on a multitimbral digital piano by Jean-Louis Pasteur.
    Album cover illustration : Watercolour by Chantal Bellon-Humbert.

    "No, the waltz cannot be summarized to the Strausses or Waldteufel, such might be the credo of Jean-Louis PASTEUR, a passionate lover and tireless discoverer who, from a censused corpus of more than 300 names, undertook to pull out of darkness some composers quite forgotten nowadays but whose musics thrilled whole generations from the 1830s to the «Années folles». Attics, private collections, publishing house inventories, treasures of the French National Library, nothing escaped him and he unveils here for us his most beautiful discoveries, which he plays with taste and this whiff of nostalgia without which waltz would not fully be what it is. To be discovered." 54

  7. 4. Compact disc 1

    5. Compact disc 2

    16. Compact disc 3

  8. May 1998 : After the Battle... To recite the rhymed metre in highschool. ^

    CAPES Dissertation in Classics defended at the IUFM of Clermont-Ferrand.

  9. June 1999 : Post-scriptum55 . FRBNF : notice n° 38443885 ^

    CD ref. JLP 9906 : 25 compositions by Jean-Louis Pasteur and 4 pieces by Hector Berlioz, Frédéric Chopin, Enrique Granados and Franz Schubert, performed on the piano by Jean-Louis Pasteur.
    Album cover illustration : Photograph by Eric Grossemy.

  10. July 1999 : The Tonaliscope . INPI Designs and models : registration n° 994535

    Registered invention : a music slide rule, in form of a cardboard kit, intended for deducing the key of a music piece from its key signature and vice versa.

  11. 7. Compact disc

    8. The Tonaliscope

  12. January 2000 : Lettre aux Fées56/57 . ISBN : 2-9501167-2-8 . FRBNF : notice n° 38474084 . NLR St-Petersburg : SN 011563836 ^

    Book with CD : a collection of 25 poems by Jean-Louis Pasteur, 21 of which are sonnets on contemporary topics. In the CD, the author himself recites his poems.

    "Curious is the Letter to Fairies from this engineer, furthermore a specialist in teaching rhymed metre recitation in highschool, which starts with a hilarious dialogue between the literary critic Doctissimus and Bobotonto, alias the author, where the latter defends with brio the rhyme and the alexandrine versus the ridiculed upholder of free verse and abstruse poetry. The illustration of Pasteur's poetic approach, composed of twenty-five odes or sonnets, is brilliant and faultless, and the subjects diverse and often contemporary : rollerskating, Arabic language, crime against humanity or Phocylides's maxims... This magician of the classical verse, who enjoys adorning himself with a top hat, also says his texts with an impeccable scansion, as evidenced by the CD which accompanies the book." 58

  13. December 2015 : Jean-Louis Pasteur, guitariste classique ^

    CD ref. JLP 1512 : 4 pieces recorded in 1984 and 27 in Radio France Creuse studio on June 23rd 1988. Renaissance, Baroque, Romantic, Spanish and South-American repertoire.
    Album cover illustration : Photograph by Victor Carnuccio.

  14. 9. Book with CD

    10. Compact disc

  15. Since February 2016 : The Golden Century of French Waltzes (1830-1930) / Rustles beneath Crystals

    Series of 11 videos in which Jean-Louis Pasteur performs on the piano 11 unpublished waltzes by the composers Paul Bades, Louis Ganne, Charles Jouvin, Albert Landry, Louis James Alfred Lefébure-Wély, Gatien Marcailhou, Alfred Margis, Édouard Mathé, André[-Jacques de] Mauprey, Suzanne Pillevesse-Chailloux, François Trespaillé-Barrau.

  16. September 2016 : The Sonnet throughout Europe ^

    Series of 5 videos in which Jean-Louis Pasteur presents and recites, in their original languages, sonnets by Michelangelo Buonarroti, Andreas Gryphius, Antero de Quental, Francisco de Quevedo, Edmund Spenser.

  17. April 2017 : The French classical poetry recounted and recited by Jean-Louis Pasteur ^

    Series of 30 videos in which Jean-Louis Pasteur presents and recites poems by Félix Arvers, Théodore de Banville, Charles Baudelaire, Nicolas Boileau, André Chénier, Marceline Desbordes-Valmore, Théophile Gautier, José-Maria de Heredia, Charles Leconte de Lisle, Victor Hugo, Alfred de Musset, Paul Verlaine.

  18. Since October 2015 : Miscellaneous videos in English

  19. December 2017 : Short stories translated from Hungarian into French by Jean-Louis Pasteur ^

    Jean-Louis Pasteur offers henceforth on his dedicated website, in open access and bilingual edition, short stories by Hungarian writers which he has been translating since 2006 : thus he published, on March 18 2020, 48 one minute stories (Egyperces Novellák) by István Örkény and, on January 1st 2021, to mark the centenary of the first issue of the Képtelen Természetrajz by Lajos Nagy, the full translation of this collection of absurd animal sketches.

  20. December 2017 : The Golden Century of French Waltzes (1830-1930) / Rustles beneath crystals.

    CD ref. JLP 1712 (only in the form of burned prototypes) : 14 waltzes and 1 elegy by the composers Louis James Alfred Lefébure-Wély, Paul Bades, Edouard Cazaneuve, Fermo Marchetti, Charles Jouvin, Octave Crémieux, Olivier Renault, Albert Jungmann, Enrique Granados, Gatien Marcailhou, Alfred Margis, Albert Landry, Suzanne Pillevesse-Chailloux and Jean-Louis Pasteur, performed on a multitimbral digital piano by Jean-Louis Pasteur.
    Album cover illustration : Watercolour by Chantal Bellon-Humbert.

  21. April 2018 : The Jazz at 78 rpm remastered by Jean-Louis Pasteur

    Series of 19 videos in which Jean-Louis Pasteur evokes the Jazz of the first five decades of the 20th century through his collection of self remastered 78 rpm records, featuring : John Pidoux, Harry Yerkes, Jelly Roll Morton, Red Nichols, Tiny Parham, Henry Red Allen, Fletcher Henderson, Nick LaRocca, Louis Armstrong, Jimmie Noone, Fats Waller, Frank Big Boy Goudie, the Yas-Yas Girl, Pierre Allier, Duke Ellington, André Ekyan, Dany Kane, Sy Oliver.

  22. Since October 2011 : Contributions to Wikipedia

    An occasional Wikipedian, Jean-Louis Pasteur created within the online encyclopedia, among others, the articles in French about the belgian painter Henri Langerock (2018), the Hungarian writer Lajos Nagy (2019), the Spanish dancer Manuela del Rio (2019) and contributed to the one concerning the French architect François Depresle (2020).

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